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Software Development Native iOS / Android App

We provide mobile app development services to help online game companies streamline their transition from web browsers to native iOS and Android apps.

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By tapping into the latest best practices in mobile app development, we have designed a Software Development Kit (SDK) that integrates multiple server APIs. With a clear data structure that is ideal for client apps, our SDK features include but are not limited to:

  • API Tracking Service

    Our API tracking service gathers all API call information, including request parameters, response parameters, and some device information. All information will then be uploaded to the logging service. As a result, you can send logs to your own log server (e.g., ELK) and create your own monitor and dashboard to check API status.

  • Event Tracking Module

    The Event Tracking module integrates different vendors’ event tracking API interfaces, which you can use to send the event you want to track to supported vendors with only one API call.

  • Error Detection Module

    We built up this module to get logs of HTTPS errors. It can detect any of URL link that open in your app by WebView, and if one of the redirection links hits a HTTPS issue such as certificate expiration, the module will block this redirection and upload an error log.

Mobile app development is one of FunPodium’s areas of expertise and we cover the full gamut of mobile app skills such as coding in Swift and Objective-C for iOS, coding in Java and Kotlin, and using RxJava framework for Android.